Mesa Arizona, 2010

Hi and welcome to Mesa 2010. It is my attempt at an ongoing photo essay documenting the 38th largest city in the United States. Over the next nine months I will try to get to as many corners of Mesa as possible in order to show just what this city looks like in the year 2010. Whenever I have an opportunity (I do have other responsibilities you know, like a day job and a family, a novel* to promote and another one that needs finishing) I will head out and take a few pictures. The way things are shaping up it looks like this is going to be largely a block at a time sort of exercise. I have no idea what the final product will look like and I have no idea what it will say about this place I have called home for close to fifty years. My hope is that I will learn more about Mesa and perhaps grow to appreciate it more than I do now. And although the idea here is to document what Mesa looks like right now, I'm hoping that as I wander up and down her streets I will also have a chance to meet some of the 450,000 or so people who live here. That would be great.

Realizing that Mesa is really big place (about 170 square miles and likely more than 450,000 people) I certainly will welcome ideas on places to include. No promises, mind you (see note on other life duties) but if it's doable I'll check it out.

Oh, and just as a note here, when I am able to easily locate a link to a local business or other entity that is shown in one or more of the photos I will post it. I am not endorsing any businesses or promoting any causes here at Mesa 2010, just taking a look at the place. I'm certainly interested in our community doing well, but I can't screen everybody who sets up shop here!

*Boomerang, which, although it is international in scope, with action in Australia, Washington DC and San Francisco, has its thunderous finale in the good ol' East Valley during a monsoon season storm.