Friday, August 20, 2010

Yes, Dear Reader, There Really Is A...

...Grace United Methodist Church.

As those of you who have Boomerang know, much of the action takes place in my stomping grounds here in the East Valley, which is simply the eastern part of the Greater Phoenix Metro Area, also known as The Valley of the Sun. Lots of sun. Way too much sun I sometimes think.

Anyway, the story takes us from Australia to Martha's Vineyard to Washington D.C. and San Francisco, but most of the last half of the book, including all of the finale, happens in several places in the East Valley, including the El Chiquito Motor Lodge, The Burger Works restaurant, and Seaspray Dr. None of those places really exist, although they all have their basis in real places or a collection of such. But one place that plays a rather important role in the story really does exist. I thought perhaps you would like to see evidence. Grace United Methodist Church does sit on the north-east corner of Gilbert Rd. and University Dr. in what used to be close to the eastern border of Mesa. Nowadays it is geographically west of center. This was the church of my childhood and teenage years, where I played guitar for the Youth Choir. As a matter of fact, our choir director, Joe Lloyd very nicely did not object when I gave his last name to the fictional pastor of this very real church. That may have something to do with the fact that Mr. Lloyd most likely has no idea my book exists, but I will accept this permission by ignorance and call it square.
So long from Mesa, AZ. See you later!
(still working on that sign-off!)

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