Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mesa Bucks

Some great news for those of us who #1) Love concerts, plays, museums and the like, and #2) Have little in the way of discretionary income to finance #1.

There is a program called Mesa Bucks that allows you to bring in receipts of purchases made in Mesa and turn the sales tax into Mesa Bucks. Your Mesa Bucks can then be used to get Buy One Get One Free tickets to places like Mesa Contemporary Arts, Arizona Museum of Natural History, and Arizona Museum for Youth. Mesa Encore Theatre and other resident companies who perform at Mesa Arts Center will also be accepting Mesa Bucks for their shows.

So, if you've spent some money in Mesa, bring your receipts to the Mesa Arts Center Box Office and redeem the sales tax you paid for some Mesa Bucks. Culture has just become a bargain.

Here's the link for some more details:   Mesa Bucks Program


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