Thursday, August 19, 2010

Main Street, Between Hobson and Horne

Okay, I know I'm playing a bit of a hopscotch game on Main, with the last entry being just a bit east of here. Never said I was going to do this in a logical, orderly fashion, now did I?

Not a lot of time, so at least for now I'm not attaching any links to the businesses pictured here. Honestly, I have a feeling a lot of them don't have websites anyway. So here are your images of Mesa on a hot (95 degrees) and slightly muggy Thursday morning (between 9:30 and 10).
And here comes the reason I jumped back to this block. I remembered that one of my old classmates asked for a photo of the DQ. So here it is....

From Mesa, Arizona, so long and see you later.


Timberati said...

I bet Mesa Bail bonds has a website. You can order pizza and spring your old man from jail online.

Anonymous said...

Ever noticed Dairy Queen on Main Street had a unique smell to it? Not sure what it was -- perhaps a combination of swamp cooler and dairy ice milk?

Love the pictures, Alan. You've done a great job braving the hot weather. Makes me appreciate it all the more.

Sharlene Tucker