Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15, Back to Main (Hibbert to LeSueur) with a brief hop in the Pool

Well, it's getting hot. Correction, it is and will likely remain hot for a very long time. I'm thinking late October is when wandering about late morning will be a good idea again. Anyway, here we are back on Main Street, headed east from Hibbert.


Tri City Community Service Center. Shame on me, but I'm not really sure what goes on there. And Googling the place turned up nothing. A real journalist would knock on the door and ask questions. I am not a real journalist. I wander around with an outdated digital camera and take photos from the sidewalk. It's my MO.


Across the street some city worker were undoubtedly enjoying the warm weather even more than I was.

I do think they meant shih tzu, but regardless, I hope the little ball of fur finds home and soon.

Empty lot, not far from downtown.

Quality Bumper. Now I'm no expert, but the ones out front did look quality indeed.

The era of the paperboy is long since past. We're talking about when I was a youngster, so you know that's ancient history. And it was the Mesa Tribune I delivered. Although I never got quite so intense a sun tan doing it as this lad. Like many newpapers, the Trib has fallen on tough times. I believe they are just holding on, putting out a paper four times a week, a shadow of their former robust self. Cause all us folks are doing the internet thing. Shame on us. Oh, and thanks for checking out my blog!

It's election time again. And the magical catchword in Mesa, just like a lot of other places, is "Conservative". But sometimes I wonder just what they are conservative about.

U.S. Auto  I was curious to see the classic Ford, but it didn't really look like the place was open for business.


Arizona RV Supercenter. The RV business really takes over Main Street a bit further east. But it is pretty well represented in the center of town too.

Gunnell's Tire and Service. These folks have been around for quite some time. Fellow I went to school with by the name of Scott Gunnell played the lead in the high school production of "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown". He was pretty good. I have no idea if he is affiliated with the tire business, just thought I'd mention his name. Oh, I didn't get a part in that production, which was disappointing. But I did play Snoopy in college. So that worked out. And I can state for a fact that I have never worked at any tire store. (See what the heat will do to a person?)

There are lots of these palo verde trees along this part of Main. They really are lovely trees. A bit messy, but good looking.

And now for our short jump in the Pool.

Mervyn's closed up shop some time ago. Which was a shame, as we used to shop there pretty regularly. But something interesting is happening in the old Mervyn's location at Main and Stapley. I was driving past on my way home today and just had to stop and have a look at Pool, an ambitious effort to create a community meeting place inside the big ol' building.



This sign is on the Main Street side. One side has yet to get even the temporary "Pool" sign.


I took a quick look inside.

So long from Mesa and see you later.


David Crummey said...

The Tri-City Community Center is for sale:


Alan Hutcheson said...

Thanks, David.

Laura Jones said...

Scott's father, Darwin Gunnell, who died in early May 2010, started Big O Tire, as I recall from the obit. I regret not attending the funeral - would have been nice to see Scott and other family members. As a teen I babysat for his brother Brent's children.

Pedd said...

Ok this is getting beyond wierd. I too had a Mesa Tribune paper route.