Monday, June 14, 2010

June 12, Taking the dogs for a walk

Yes, I said I was hankering to get back to Main Street, but haven't gotten there yet. So this installment features my own neighborhood. The weather was unseasonably wonderful this past Saturday and so after work we took the fierce creatures for a walk and I took some pics along the way. As you may imagine, it's not that easy to combine the two activities, but here you go, a little glimpse into my little sliver of Mesa.

The homes here are quite a bit more modest than the ones we've seen in some previous installments here. But like those pricier subdivisions, the homes here are not all cut from the same mold. No endless rows of stucco and red tile to be found here. Unfortunately, the variety also extends to landscaping maintenance, but not much one can do about that.

I do apologize for not getting you photos of the local cacti in full bloom before the crop faded. Here's a late one.

Porch chairs just waiting to be sat in. Or on.

If there is one thing Arizona has got, it is sky. Really beautiful sky.

There's that sky again.

Till later, from Mesa, Arizona.

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