Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31, Horne and Brown

I have been looking for "Welcome to Mesa" signs, the sort of howdy to be seen when entering just about any berg. So far, with the exception of a small "Entering Mesa" sign that due to its placement on the side of the Superstition Freeway doesn't exactly lend itself to a photographer on foot, I have yet to find a single "Welcome to Mesa, Founded Way Back When, Population a Whole Bunch and Counting" sign on a major arterial street at the city borders. However, there is this Welcome that can be found on Horne, just north of Brown Road. A rather off beat place to put a welcome sign, kind of like putting your home's welcome mat in the hall bathroom, but there you go.

According to the mayor's office, this location is where the South Canal, Consolidated Canal and Tempe Canal intersect, but it sure looks like just one big canal to me. I'll have to Google a canal map to see just how those three make this one.

Canals are popular places for folks to take strolls jog bicycle or sometimes even fish. No gondolas, though.

Looking north from the middle of Horne Road. Anywhere in Mesa where you have a clear sightline to the north or east you can see mountains. It's kind of cool. But of course there aren't many places other than the middle of really wide, generally very busy streets where you have those clear sightlines. I was lucky with very light holiday traffic.

I couldn't help this one. The Direct TV van parked in front of a house with a Dish Network dish. The neighbors have Direct TV, though.

And kind of across the street was this lovingly landscaped front yard. I couldn't do it justice with the late afternoon light, but there you go.

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