Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23, McKellips and Center, NE Corner

We aren't exactly hardcore antique shoppers. My wife, not surprisingly, is more into it than I am, but I find it it can be an interesting way to pass part of an afternoon every once in a while. And one of the places close to where we live that has been a stand-by when it comes to hunting down that certain tschotske or end table has been Treasures from the Past Antiques on McKellips Rd. So this afternoon we decided to check the place out and see if maybe they had something that would work in the breakfast dining area to hold some houseplants and maybe provide a bit of miscellaneous storage.

The strip center that Treasures from the Past is in is not that old, but it has certainly seen better days. For a while there was an automotive shop, a gym, a card and gift shop, a couple of restaurants and, if memory serves, some sort of embroidery store. Well the auto shop and the gym closed up a while ago, one of the restaurants is gone and so is the card shop. Persevering amid this bleak retail landscape has been Treasures. But they are going away too.

Like many antique "malls" Treasures has consisted of individual display cases as well as divided open sections each featuring merchandise from a certain individual or family. Like a giant neighborhood garage sales under one roof. Today a good percentage of the cubbies were empty, almost all the rest were marked at 30-50% off and most of them looked pretty darned sparse. A few vendors were in there packing up their stuff.

There is a lot of auto traffic that goes by McKellips Center every day. I do hope that one day soon it will be a place where commerce once again thrives.

Cindy's Cafe.* The one apparently going concern on this corner.

So long from Mesa.

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