Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 21, back to downtown

I know, we're backtracking here. But the May 23rd entry is a bit gloomy and I wanted to post something a bit more upbeat today. So, even though it will not be standard practice here on "Mesa 2010" to plug or pan any local businesses, I can't help but put in a good word for a very nice downtown restaurant called Nunthaporn's Thai Cuisine.

I first saw it during one of my early Main Street explorations. It was morning and the place wasn't open and the only shot I took was from across the street. Then, we went to 2nd Fridays last week and we saw that the place, like just about all of the downtown restaurants, was nicely busy. We took a look at the menu and our son told us that he had heard good things about Nunthaporn's. But we had already had our dinner, so we made a plan to come back and check it out. Which we did the following Friday evening. We got there early and there were only a couple of other occupied tables. But the service was very attentive. And the food was wonderful. I couldn't resist trying #411, "Evil Jungle Princess". Good choice. In fact all four of us gave thumbs up to our selections, including our vegetarian son, who really appreciated the fact that just about all of the entrees could be had with tofu instead of meat. Not something he is used to at most restaurants.
So anyway, I broke my rule but if you like Thai food, give the place a try.

Oh, and after dinner we paid another visit to the SunDust Gallery. We had spotted a painting in their bargain basement (quite literally a basement with noggin protecting pads on the low doorways) the previous week and with a bit of tax refund burning a hole in our checking account we wanted to see if it was still there. It was. And now it is above our fireplace. An original Howard Scherer. The frame that came with it was awful, but Michael's was having a sale on frames and we took care of that problem ASAP.

We think it looks good in its new home. It might not be Grant Woods "American Gothic", but that's okay. We can always just go downtown and see a really big version of that one. At least until they stretch their legs and wander off this July.

So long from Mesa!

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