Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, Gilbert Road just South of the Red Mountain Freeway

This is an area of large homes. Some quite lovely, some a bit, well, ostentatious I think is the word I want. This one has a terrific north view of fields and mountains, but the most immediate view is the Loop 202 Freeway, also known as the Red Mountain. Not sure that's the location I would pick if I had the funds for a home like that, but then again it's not a problem I'm likely to encounter for some time!
The rest of the photos will be presented without commercial interruption.

Today was election day. The day when Arizona gets to decide if our kids are important enough that we can shell out an additional one cent in sales tax for the next three years so our schools won't have to drop all sorts of sports and arts programs and increase class sizes to the point nobody will get a decent education. The programs that remain will likely survive only on participation fees that will effectively lock out a lot of students. Lots of folks are opposed to it and I'm sure they are lovely people in many ways, but if Prop 100 doesn't pass we are essentially saying that only people who live in houses like the ones above need or deserve the sort of opportunities all children in our great state and nation should have. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. And, of course, I voted.

So long from Mesa. See you next time!

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Lexi said...

Alan, you've got me pootling about on Google Maps with the little yellow man, trying to find the first house in Gilbert Road.

I failed, but goodness, it's all very big, isn't it, round there? And hot...