Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 14, IMP Fest Downtown Mesa

Yesterday evening we attended 2nd Friday in downtown. Not quite the raucous if largely cheerful affair we experienced in Phoenix' First Fridays, but it was a fun time. As soon as the sun went down the temperature was very comfortable. The street was blocked off, so no traffic to avoid, just relaxed folks strolling about, eating, browsing the shops that were staying open later than usual, listening to music and checking out the street merchants.

We ate early, at Cucina di vita. The place was busy and folks were constantly wondering where to find menus to peruse before they got up to the order counter. Our son had the idea of placing a couple of them on the outside of a display case right where people would stand while waiting. It seemed a good idea and we saw quite a few patrons check them out. We did not charge for our contribution to the feng shui of the place.

Lots of cars were on display, with the emphasis on Volkswagons.

 Including this rare beauty with right hand steering.

You just don't typically see this many people on foot anywhere in the Valley of the Sun. It's a nice sight.

The musician, whose name I unfortunately did not catch (please feel free to let us all know in a comment!) sounded very good. Those kids obviously agreed with me.

Lucero and the Blues Crew were performing "Keys to the Highway"

I could have easily spent the entire evening in the Book Gallery, the sort of bookstore I imagine Bernie Rhodenbarr, the main character in Lawrence Block's wonderful mystery series, owns and runs (when he isn't solving crimes).
Sweet Cakes, renowned for their large and very tasty cookies, has recently opened a yogurt shop next door. We just had to give it a try. Not sure about the Fruity Pebbles they offer as one of the toppings, but they've got the place decorated nicely and our frozen yogurt was very good. I had Andes Mints on mine.

Mangos Cafe was doing a nice business. Lots of their patrons were taking advantage of the outside seating, but I couldn't resist the vibrant colors of the interior.

Spray paint artist at work.

We could have easily dropped a lot of money at SunDust Gallery. Only thing keeping us from doing so was a lack of money to drop.

We gave a listen to Darkness Dear Boy before we called it a night.

So long from Mesa!

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