Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 11, Center between 1st and 2nd Streets

A beautiful, unseasonably reasonable day temperature wise today. Maybe got into the low 80's. Throw in a breeze that perked up into a healthy approximation of a gusting wind every once in a while and a sunny, sunny sky and you've got one nice day. So, since I had another early day at work I couldn't resist a short tromp about another little section of the downtown area.

You'd thing that having a whole 'nother street named after him would be enough, but Mr. Dobson also got the corner of 1st Street and Center on his resume.

A bit of the high rise landscaping surrounding the Mesa Municipal Building

And some of the helpful info at the door. No smoking, firearms or skateboarding. Makes sense. Oh, and closed on Fridays. Budget crunch, you know.

Here's a link to the Sirrine House info at the Arizona Museum of Natural History site. Interesting info about the building and its history. Sadly, it too has fallen victim to budget woes. Open only for special events.

SW Herb Shop (and Gathering Place)
Kinda wonder if it is a place Mr. Sirrine would have patronized. Mebbe.

So long from Mesa. See you next time!

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