Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30. The Eastern end of Main Street.

Mesa is a pretty big place. Heck, when my family moved to Mesa the place where we live now (which isn't that far from the Olde Family Homestead), was pretty much all orange groves and two lane roads.It was where you went to get away from the big city of 30,000. Well this morning I had to do some driving to get to the eastern edge of Mesa, which according to the map I downloaded from the City of Mesa website is Meridian Road although I am beginning to wonder if I was misled by the map, as many of the businesses I photographed on my way back west identify themselves belonging to Apache Junction. So who knows? Maybe I strayed out of bounds today.In any case I drove to the edge and turned around to see what the rim of the place looks like and this is what I saw.

A Walgreens.

So I got back in Cooper and headed back west. It was obvious there was no way I could do the on foot thing here. No sidewalks, massive distances, and really, really wide intersections with really, really pedestrian oblivious drivers doing a steady ten miles an hour under the speed limit. So we just cruised along with the Buicks and Caravans and pulled over whenever something caught our eye and we had a reasonable chance of not being rear-ended in the process.

Superstition Ranch Market was busy. Lots of cars in the parking lot.

They had lots of salsas and AZ honey and such, along with a fairly large produce section. Lots of shoppers in those sections.

Not quite so many perusing the quality souvenirs offerings.
Across the side street is a place to ones purify soul

And your water.

The Opry sign is what caused me to pull over. But under it there was a sort of neighborhood rummage sale going on that had its own attractions.

Sadly, I was short on funds and unable to take advantage of any of the enticing offers.

Now this sign juxtaposition really caught my eye. But I couldn't stay to take many shots. Some "What the Hell" patrons were beginning to arrive and giving me the hairy eyeball. I briefly considered passing out my "Mesa 2010" cards, but had a vision of them being tossed on the asphalt and run over by Harley tires.

Lots of folks have this idea that east Mesa is nothing but one trailer park after another. Well...

Maybe. But they've got a nice view.

So long from Mesa. See you next time!

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Timberati said...

I'm glad you made it back to post. East Mesa doesn't seem to have much going for it.