Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 26 and 27, McKellips and Lindsay

Gee, I didn't think the flash that I used in order to balance out the fact the sign was in shadow would give it such an Area 51 sort of look. Anyway, note the absence of a sidewalk on this residential street just off Lindsay. That seemed to be the norm in this area of large lots with, on some side streets, a semi-rural feeling. Meanwhile, the traffic buzzes by on both Lindsay and McKellips, both of which, thank goodness, had sidewalks. During the forty-five minutes or so I was out, I saw three other pedestrians, one bicyclist and a bit of horse poop. The pedestrians were skittish looking so I didn't try to take their pictures, the fellow on the bike buzzed by on the other side of Lindsay so fast I couldn't get a decent shot, but the horse poop very nicely posed.

I guess there was a good reason why I didn't see any buses.

One side of the Walgreen's marquee

and the other side.

The sidewalk on the other side of Lindsay. No horse poop, just mesquite petals and little rocks from the desert landscaping.

And there is culture to be found.

So long and all the best from Mesa, Arizona.

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