Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25, Back to MacDonald and a bit of 2nd Street between MacDonald and Robson

Well, I just noticed that I neglected to take a shot of a street sign today. So we'll go with this shot looking east down 2nd Street from Robson. Not very many streets in Mesa have the sort of setback sidewalks and landscaped medians you find in this part of the city "center", which is actually a whole lot closer to the western edge than the middle anymore.

This house on 2nd Street is really getting the complete makeover. Or at least I hope that is the case. Check out the up close shots I got from the porch. Normally I won't wander on to anybody's property to get my pictures, but in this case I hoped it would be okay.

The porch was the only part of the place that looked like it was habitable.

So it kind of looks like this property is connected with Mesa Southwest Museum.

On the NW corner of MacDonald and 2nd Street. I couldn't find a working link for the Lone Pilgrim congregation, so here's the wikipedia page for the Primitive Baptist Church.

One thing we noticed (my wife was with me on this little jaunt) besides the variety of architectural styles and state of repair we found in this neighborhood was the low lying power lines. They practically drape the place in some areas.

I'm thinking these folks have an interest in Pete's Fish and Chips.

Christine Place Senior Housing. A three story building for seniors? Hope they have elevators!

On MacDonald, just north of Main you'll find Jerry's Barber Salon.

Try clicking on this one to make it big enough to read. It's all about the gentleman who had MacDonald Street named after him. His name, curiously enough, was MacDonald.

Arizona Museum of Natural History. It's a pretty cool place.

Meldrum Mortuary has been in Mesa for a long, long time. And for a second I considered ending this installment with this shot. But I think instead we'll go with.....

Zuzu's Petals

I know I have spent quite a bit of time in the downtown area and Mesa, with about 170 square miles, has a lot more for me to try to get to if this is going to be any sort of look at the place as a whole. I've got to admit that there have been two things that have kept me coming back to downtown. One, it is interesting. Not terribly exciting, mind you, but interesting and it may just be on the verge of becoming exciting and I want to capture how it looks today and then maybe go back in a few years to document the changes. And two, it is easily walkable. I've been paying a lot more attention to how this city is laid out these past few weeks and there is a good reason why you seldom see pedestrians. Ninety-nine percent of this city was built for automobile travel. Plenty of sidewalks, but very few incentives to use them. So I'm going to have to figure out how I'm going to approach most of the rest of the place. I won't be able to just park, take a short walk and expect to find much. We'll see how this works. 

All the best from Mesa, AZ.*

*I'm still working on a good sign-off for this blog. If you have any ideas for me, drop a note!


Timberati said...

For a signoff, how about "So long from the atop Mesa"?

Meh, I'll try again later.

Lexi said...

An orange tree! All flourishing with lots of oranges and you don't mention it! Have you got one in your garden?

We don't have them in London. Oranges come in boxes.

Alan Hutcheson said...

Did you mean "high atop the Mesa"?

You're right, the search continues!

Alan Hutcheson said...


We don't have an orange tree, but do have a lemon tree and a key lime one too. Citrus trees are a regular feature of the Mesa landscape although the groves that used to cover much of east Mesa are for the most part gone, buried under subdivisions where the trees' descendants dot many, many yards. Although from what I've seen most of those trees seldom see the harvesting hands of their owners. Instead the fruit is left to fall and rot on the ground. It's a pity.

Rhonda said...

Hey...that McDonald is a great, great grandpa of mine!! Now I might have to swipe the headstone picture so I can put it in my files!! If that's alright with you, that is. :0)

Alan Hutcheson said...

Great Great Grandpa? Well that is cool. The picture is yours to do as you see fit.

Linda said...

The Primitive Baptist church you mentioned met in the Women's Club and they owned the structure. The Church has moved to a permanent location on the east end of Mesa at 606 N. Ellsworth. Their link is:

Good luck in exploring more of Mesa.