Friday, April 23, 2010

April 23, 1st Avenue between Center and Macdonald and MacDonald between 1st and 2nd Streets

Here we go with a little dip south of Main St. Not a lot here, but one thing I'm finding out is that there are always pictures to be taken. Always something I haven't seen (or at least noticed) before. Being on foot makes a big difference. Oh, weather report. One word: Gorgeous. More words: About 60 degrees, breezy and fluffy clouds. Gorgeous.

Looking north towards Center from corner of 1st Avenue and Center

From the 1st Ave side it kind of looked like 44 W. 1st Ave. is unoccupied. But around the corner is this business address. I think this is the link for Luce Press Clippings.

This is across the narrow parking lot from Luce.

And that about does it for 1st Ave between Center and MacDonald. Did I mention it was gorgeous morning? Well, as I went north on MacDonald, my ultimate destination the grocery store (again) I couldn't help but stop and take another set of shots.

And so we have a double feature. Second item on the bill is............
April 23, MacDonald between 1st St. and 2nd St.
Well, I actually started at 2nd and circled down to 1st and then back up.

As you can see, this is a very nice part of town. Wouldn't it have been terrific if city planners had used it as their model as the city grew?

 This looks to be a convenient mid-block pathway from MacDonald to the street immediately west.

I promised a couple of high school classmates who have moved away I would get some pics of Queen of Peace.

 It looked like a lot of kids were arriving to Queen of Peace school.

Have a great day and so long from Mesa, Arizona. 


Sidney said...

Hey Alan this is a great project. As an old Mesa "native" I'd love a site where people could post the "old" Mesa in pictures. why don't you take on that one next?

Alan Hutcheson said...
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Alan Hutcheson said...

Hi Sidney,

Firstly, might you be a Westwood Warrior of 1970's vintage? Seems to me there was a young lady name of Sidney when I was darkening the hallways of Westwood High.

Actually, I would love to make my next photo project "Mesans 2011". Focus on the people (there are a lot of us!) instead of or even along with, the buildings that are featured here.