Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 2, Main and Stapley and Mesa Riverview

I'm getting the idea that many, if not most, of these entries are going to be dictated simply by where other activities take me during the course of any particular day. I am going to try my best to break out of any patterns and seek out new places, but often that just isn't going to be possible. Like this past Friday. I needed to get our daughter and her friend to their volunteer work, pick them back up and a bit later get her to the movies to join some other friends. So these pictures are a product of those taxi drives.

The shopping center at Main and Stapley was essentially the neighborhood marketplace when my family first moved to Mesa in 1960. If memory serves it was called Sherwood Something or Other. At the time it was almost as far east as commercial Mesa went. Our house was just a bit further east and there was little besides wide open spaces, tumbleweeds and jackrabbits between us and the Superstition Mountains The shopping center was anchored by an A.J. Bayless grocery store. Sherwood Pharmacy was on the east corner and that was where my father worked for several years. At present the anchor is a thrift store that supports breast cancer research and on the corner is a laudromat.

On the west side of town is Mesa Riverview, although if there is a river to view from anywhere on the property I haven't located the correct vantage point myself. It is a sprawling complex with car dealerships, a Bass Pro Shop, a multiplex movie theater, lots of chain restaurants and a wide assortment of national retailers of the mid to huge box variety. In the "entertainment" section there is an attempt to convey an olde time Main Street atmosphere, Disney style.

Have a great day and so long from Mesa, Arizona.


BJ said...

I remember the Sherwood Plaza (I think that's what it was called.) There was also an Indian Kachina sign. Was that part of the name of the place?

Alan Hutcheson said...

Sherwood Plaza, that's right! I think. The kachina thing belongs, I think, to the south Scottsdale shopping center at Scottsdale and McDowell.

Sherwood Plaza had an AJ Bayless grocery store, Doud's Clothing, and some other nice shops along with Sherwood Pharmacy where my father worked.