Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, Main Street between Center and Hibbert

Today we are wandering Main Street in the afternoon. Warm, very warm, around 90 degrees, but still tolerable. The nice, if rather spidery, shade is provided by the trees in front of what is essentially a big parking garage directly across the street from Brown and Brown Chevrolet 


I'm pretty sure this window is part of St. James Bay Tools face to Main Street.

The City Plaza building not only has a boy and duck sculpture and fountain, but a low wall of plaques commemorating milestones in Mesa's history. There are lots of them, including one celebrating Mesa's first shopping center. I just picked out three for our little exercise here.

Okay, I squeezed in four.

Either they are very nice or just resigned to something.

Crismons is now a bit west of this old location. I do believe there is a picture in our March 26th installment.

The Mesa Arts Center is a really neat place. We have attended several events here and the venues are excellent. It is also just a fun place to wander around and take photos.

Just south of MAC is the First United Methodist Church 

Proximity to MAC does not seem to have benefited these two closed restaurants.

An interestingly designed bus stop in front of MAC.

This fellow did not mind if I took his picture. But he did not want to introduce himself.

These ladies also declined to give their names.

So long from Mesa, and have a great day.

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David Crummey said...

Unfortunately, I think it was the MAC that closed Anthology -- they were basically all but barricaded in by construction signs . . . and then the MAC put in a coffee shop, so that didn't help late night stuff.