Friday, April 16, 2010

April 16, The Wilbur Historic District

My intention when I got in the car this morning was to head to the Mesa Arts Center, thus continuing my poke around Main Street, this time taking in a section on the eastern side of downtown. But Cooper had other ideas and I found myself turning down 1st Street and on to Hibbert, one of the streets compromising the Wilbur Historic District. Shame on me, I did my research on the area after I took the pictures, and it looks like I missed one of the four streets in this historic part of central Mesa. My apologies to Pomeroy Street with a promise to spend some time there before too long. In the meantime, here are bits of Hibbert, Pasadena and, of course, Wilbur Streets.

Right after I took this shot a car pulled up in front of the building next to it. A man got out, his arms cradling what appeared to be a bundle of magazines, and asked me if I was in the real estate business. I explained that I was doing a photo blog, which I'm not completely sure he understood, but we had a nice talk anyway. He had come to the United States as an illegal immigrant forty years ago. Now he is a citizen, manages the small apartment complex shown in the next photo, and has high hopes for central Mesa becoming a vital and exciting place to live, work and play. Shame on me for being a lousy journalist, but when I introduced myself and he shared his name, I didn't really catch it. Sounded a bit like "Portofino", but I don't think that is correct. In any case he was gracious and well spoken. If I happen across more folks like him and Mark, the owner of the Cucina di Vita restaurant on Main Street as I stroll about with my camera, this project will be well worth while.

Have a great day and so long from Mesa, Arizona.

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