Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12, Main Street. Robson to Country Club

This may be the westernmost of the famous downtown sculptures. Just a bit east of Country Club in the north side of Main is this industrious fellow.

The vacancy rate on this block seems to be at least fifty percent.

The Mezona Inn stands where the original Mezona Recreation Hall used to be. My understanding is that the Mezona was a place for the local LDS (Mormon) stakes to hold social events such as dances. Here is a link to a picture of the Mezona back in 1941. Mezona 1941 on

This section of Main Street has two businesses devoted to the art of the motorcycle. As far as I could tell there is just one place specializing in childbirth.

The American Choppers storefront.

The front door to the Childbirth Education Center.

I am not sure if the giant pink chair is directly associated with The Fiber Factory, but is surely is eye catching. Just a tad hideous, but eye catching.

You might have to click on this pic to make it bigger so you can see that it references "Mesa Permanent Sculpture Collection". Well, Howling Wolf is either on sabbatical or has gone AWOL. I will await his return with no small level of interest. I am anxious to know if he is modeled on canis lupus or the amazing blues musician.

Max-It Pawn Shop appears to be doing fine.

The Law Offices not so much.

And I hate to tell you, but don't stop by Mickey's for a shave and haircut. He ain't there.

Kind of cute, isn't it?

Next Level Auto Service

Salsita's on the SE corner of Main and Country Club.

Taco Bell on the NE corner of Main and Country Club

I promised a second motorcycle emporium. Here is Skunk Motorsports Inc.

Himalayan Salt Lamps. Just east of the Best Western Mezona. No matter what Tempe folks might say, Mesa has it's exotic, Eastern influenced moments.

But this is still how this city sees itself. Tough to argue with that. No point anyway!

Have a great day and so long from Mesa, Arizona.

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