Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, Springtime in our backyard

Well, yesterday was not exactly a treat for the eyes. But then I don't think we can blame that on Mesa. Intersections are, well, intersections. Places where people going four directions temporarily congregate and for the most part fail to interact. When they do interact it's usually not a good thing. That brings to mind a statistic I saw not that long ago giving Mesa (or was it the entire metro Phoenix area?) the distinction of having the most intersection interaction by means of red light running in the nation. Not something the chamber of commerce is likely to trumpet in its pamphlets.

Like yesterday time is limited, so my choices were no entry or Very Close To Home entry. I chose the latter. Spring is the season, summer, that dominating and way too long season of scorching temperatures is getting oh so close, but right now it is Spring, the season of buds, blossoms and blooms. Oh, and it's a good time to get a new roof.

Those of you who have followed my other blog may recall periodic references to my battles with The Tree That Would Consume Mesa. Well, that's it. The gentleman you see on my neighbor's roof is quite possibly a member of the group that some here are afraid will indeed consume all of America. And they are not at all shy about sharing this viewpoint. All I know is the music they (there were two others working up there) were playing on the radio was toe-tapping stuff.

That is a bamboo plant in the far corner. We put it there in an effort to block the view of a huge satellite dish antenna one of our neighbors had in their backyard close by our fence. We were under the impression the bamboo would shoot skyward almost from the moment it was planted. Not so. It hovered at about the same height for years after it was planted and only began its promised growth spurt after the satellite dish was removed. Go figure.

I planted something like twenty bulbs in one bed of my garden and this is the only one that came up this spring. It's pretty though.

We just emptied the lemon tree of the last of what seemed like thousands of fruits it produced this past winter. And now it is gearing up for the next production run.

And on the other side of the yard the key lime tree is promising its own nice harvest.

Shame on me, I don't recall the name of the vine we having growing along the garden fence. I love that shade of purple and hope I did justice to it in this photo.

Even the weeds are blooming. This might be one you'd like to click on to make bigger. That was as close as I could get with my camera. I do have to report that this was, even more than most flowers, a transitory type of beauty as right after I snapped the picture I yanked the thing out of the ground and gave it to the compost heap.

There is not much about summer here that I anticipate with anything approaching enthusiasm. But in May the blackberries should be ready for the picking. And that is sweet indeed.

Have a great day. And so long from Mesa, Arizona.

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